Friday, July 06, 2007

Zev and Fi's Summer 2007 Camping Trip

G'day from Louisiana everyone! Zev and I went camping for the 4th of July, near Toledo Bend Lake. As you can see from the pictures below, we enjoyed some boating, 4-wheeling, fishing and just good ol' downtime in this beautiful part of Louisiana. Toledo Bend Lake actually runs smack bang in the middle of the Texas/ Louisiana border, and is an area renowned for it's fishing-particularly bass and bream. We hope everyone around the world is doing well and enjoying the summer/winter-wherever in the world you may be! Love, Zev and Fi ;-)

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Kristen said...

Fiona! Great to see you guys smiling and happy! But what's your email address? I tried to send you an email but it bounced :(

Drop me a line. My new email address is my full name (kristendorman) @ (obviously no spaces). Hope to hear from you soon!